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Product Roundup for Data Collection | March 2019

Posted By SAMETRICA Customer Success on Mar 20, 2019 12:44:42 PM

We've released a key new feature to help our enterprise clients better manage their data collection. You can now use one form, customized for various agencies and grantees. Read on for details...

Complex Data Collector: Managing surveys for many grantees and agencies made simple

Usually when a funder wants to collect data from many agencies and grantees, they follow a process like this:

  • Create an impact reporting framework/logic model that includes multiple outcomes;
  • Create questions to evidence the framework;
  • Decide which grantees apply to different outcomes;

In the above setup, each grantee ends up with their own survey/form to administer. This can get unwieldy - Each survey/form has a lot of overlap.  In some cases, we've seen organizations create one custom form for each grantee or agency. 

Now imagine you want to go back and change a question in your impact reporting framework/logic model. To keep everything standard, that means you have to change it in every single form/survey that you have created. This is around the time that you might feel like this:

And this issue just becomes more frustrating the more time you spend refining your impact framework/logic model.

Enter a brand new feature - "Assigning parts of forms"

 To solve this problem, you can now assign parts of a published form to your agencies and grantees. 

Go to Complex Data Collector > Forms > Action Menu and select Assign Partial Form.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 12.34.12

And then assign only some questions to your grantees and agencies in the modal:

Assign Part of Form Modal

In future, any changes you make to this one form will be visible for all grantees/agencies. The result is a scalable, easy way to ensure standard data collection across all your agencies.

Other nifty features

There are a ton of other features:

In the Complex Data Collector:

  • You can can now assign dates to upload data, or upload data with an unknown date of creation;
  • Can now set mutiple choice and multi-select to "numeric data" only;
  • Workspaces now display in a table, making them searchable, etc.;
  • You can filter Results by assignee;
  • Can now send custom messages in standard e-mail notifications - sharing a form, workspace, logic mode, etc.

To our customers - Thank you!

Our feature development is heavily informed by our customers and users. Thank you for your feedback and insights. We hope these releases meet your needs.


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